“She Loves Me” 2016 revival

Amalia and Georg from She Loves Me perform in the revival in 2016.


Amalia and Georg from “She Loves Me” perform in the revival in 2016.

Kara Green, Staff Writer

“She Loves Me” is a musical that first premiered on Broadway in 1963 and had a revival in 2016. It follows the story of Georg Nowack and Amalia Balash who work together and are constantly at odds. When the duo is not at work, however, they are secretly each other’s pen pals. The couple falls in love with each other through the letters. They meet, and are surprised by each other. Soon after they solve their differences and fall in love. This show had one of the more complicated, but interesting plots and some amazing music.

The plot of the story is unlike many others that I have seen in musicals before. The plot follows several characters along with the main characters. They all work at Maraczek’s Parfumerie as salespeople. The workers include Ladislav Sipos, Arpad Laszlo, Ilona Rizzer, Stephen Kodaly, and Georg Nowack. Amalia Balash comes to work in the shop after convincing Maraczek to hire her. Illona and Stephen are having an affair and said affair is going downhill. Mr.Maraczek is becoming short with Georg. The only thing that takes off the stress of the day are the pen pals that Amalia and Georg have found. Little did they know that they are each others pen pals. As tensions rise, Mr.Maraczek attempts suicide, Georg quits his job, Stephen’s affair is found out, and Amalia is having a conflict with her pen pal. In Act 2 Mr.Maraczek re-hires Georg because he felt guilty about his actions. When Georg and Amalia go to see their pen pals they run into each other and assume that their own pen pals left them. After a bit of time they realize that they are actually each other’s pen pals and overcome their differences and fall in love. I love the show’s plot. There are so many different plotlines that are included in the story that it adds another layer to the story. I am not a person who generally loves romance, but the way that the story develops the romance, makes it hard to hate. The characters are all have unique personalities that add layers to the show.

The music is also very well done. The tunes follow the show tunes vibe but also include a more contemporary style that adds to the music. Some of the notes that the actors and actresses hit are extremely difficult. However the way that the actors succeed at hitting the notes make them seem almost effortless. It is music that you could listen to and be happy with but also dance to.

This musical is one that is unknown by many people especially in the revival. The storyline and the music add so much to the musical and make it amazing. I give it a solid 3.5/5 stars.