Show choirs from across Iowa competed over the weekend


Caroline Christensen

Innovation members perform their show, “Chicago.” Choir member Morgan Dunn said, “The show is super different than what we’ve done before. The change in style is probably what makes it so difficult for us, because it’s a huge adjustment.”

Caroline Christensen

The annual show choir competition “Showzam” took place Friday and Saturday, showcasing the best choirs from around the state.  Seventeen mixed groups, 4 womens’ groups, and 7 middle school groups competed.

Synergy member Emma Dummermouth ’22 enjoyed this year’s event. “Showzam is absolutely exhausting, but so worth it,” Dummermouth said. “It’s so fun to perform for all the other schools without the pressure of competing, and it’s amazing to see all the other talented groups. It’s a long weekend, especially with hosting and cleaning, but overall, it is a great experience.”

Innovation member Morgan Dunn ’21 loved the amount of support the show choirs received over the weekend. “[…] It’s super cool how many non show choir kids turned out to watch us. A lot of times it feels like our work goes unnoticed by people who aren’t involved in the program, but it was so cool to see everyone there to support us last night.”

Because so many choirs attended, students were able to see many different shows and styles. Innovation member Kyle Geerts ’20 said, “My favorite part of Showzam was being able to see how different choirs warm up, and how they have different game plans from choir to choir.”

At the end of the weekend, Ankeny Centennials’ show choir “Spectrum” won first, Waukee’s “Millennium” received second, and Broken Arrows’ “Tiger Rhythm” received third.

Photo showcase: Innovation’s performance of “Chicago.”