Signing off for 2014


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

2014 has been an interesting year. Let’s recap.

Beginning on a school-wide level;

  • We started the year with no student representative and then suddenly had two.
  • We vandalized the press box and various other aspects of the stadium for homecoming.
  • Administration issued us all lanyards which everyone was really mad about and then seemed to not care anymore.
  • “The Black and White” printed a paper with a huge pot leaf on the cover.
  • English teacher Mark Schillerstrom’s pineapple plant bloomed.
  • Senior Lenin Cardwell got 13.7K retweets and 24.5K favorites (last time I checked) on a tweet.

Next, the national level of stuff;

  • Riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri due to the murder of an unarmed teenager.
  • Republicans took over Congress.
  • Bill Nye debated evolution vs. creationism with Ken Ham and sparked a heated debate in churches across America.
  • Robin Williams died.
  • Cards Against Humanity sold 30,000 boxes of literal bull poop on Black Friday.
  • Gas prices dropped to $2.

And finally, international;

  • Ebola struck terror in the hearts of worried mothers across the globe.
  • The Ferguson riots extended into nations everywhere, creating the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Pakistan went crazy.
  • Pope Francis is as chill as ever and also turned 78 on Dec. 17.
  • Scotland voted against their own independence.
  • World War 3 was scheduled when the announcement of the next Seth Rogan movie appeared.

It’s been an odd year. Not sure about you, but I’ve slightly enjoyed myself, which is a statement rarely uttered by a teenager. See you in 2015.