Sister Jean in March

Tarun Srikaran, Staff Writer

Making her first appearance in the first round of the 2018 Men’s NCAA basketball tournament till the Elite Four, Sister Jean has  returned to the big stage once again in 2021. Sister Jean is the 101-year-old chaplain for Loyola University Chicago’s Men’s Basketball team. This is a post she has taken up since 1994. Before each game the team has, she has a unique prayer to help motivate the team. Most recently before their upset against #1 seeded Illinois who were fan favorites to win the tournament, she recited a prayer about scoring early and making their opponents nervous. Taking a early 33-24 lead at the first half, Loyola led by Sister Jean’s prayers never allowed Illinois back into the game dominating them on all sides of the ball. While the team’s hopes for a national title in 2021 have ended after their loss to Oregon State, we can expect Sister Jean to be back next year giving life to the athletes of Loyola University Chicago’s Men’s Basketball team as they retry their title hopes.