Soda: Cans, Fountains and Bottles

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

I drink a lot of soda, mainly Mountain Dew and Coke. I know it is not good for you but the sugar and caffeine are typically what keeps me awake throughout the day. Some teachers I talk to call it a Caffeine Addiction and while that maybe true, I continue to drink it.

Since I drink so much soda, I have had all types of packaging. Fountain drinks most often, but I also have cans and bottles pretty often, both plastic and glass. I have noticed that there are slight differences in the taste of all of the different packaged sodas.

Fountain drinks typically have less carbonation and taste slightly watered down, however they typically cost the least amount so that is why I get them most often. I grab these when I am out and about

Cans always have more flavor but they still lack carbonation. I typically buy these when I want soda in bulk, and I keep them at home.

Plastic bottles have flavor but overall, they just taste more sugary. Plastic bottles have more carbonation than both fountain drinks and cans. I will grab a six-pack of bottles when I am going to hang with friends, just because it tastes more lively than cans.

Finally, we have glass-bottled soda. Glass-bottles soda is pretty similar to plastic bottles however, it has the more carbonation. I think that glass bottles hold the overall taste of the soda the best. I will most likely get this type when I’m with my family at dinner, or when we plan a nice meal at home. These are pretty expensive for soda however, so I never really get them that often.

I do know they have different flavors, however the base is all the same. I will take whatever kind I can, if I am ever in a situation without any.