Sophomores to Senior: TikTok Trend Edition


Lisa Noe, opened the TikTok app to enjoy dog videos during her planning period. “ I have a student, if they graduate, their goal is to make a TikTok with me and Mrs. Palmer. It’s inspiring! Who knew that making a TikTok would inspire students to graduate.”

London Heim, Staff Writter

Many trends have come and gone throughout high school, especially TikTok trends. Devious Licks to dancing, our school has seen it all. This generation is so tied into Tiktok because it was a fun pass time to do while we were all stuck, bored in the house during the whole 2020 summer. The school reminiscences on those times and they will definitely be missed. 

The school has seen some of the TikTok trends that include the griddy, renegade, our parents’ style, the commodore fish, and plenty more. “I remember sophomore year the renegade, just a lot of the cringe fortnight dances like you’ve got the griddy now,” said Matthew Tuffano, ‘22. During the year, 2019-20 is when the seniors class were only just sophomores and TikTok was still new.

That year included many dances and trends that kept us entertained during quarantine. Ava Glennon, ‘23 said her favorite trend was the adult swim TikToks, a trend that was popular towards the end of quarantine that involved very artistic or aesthetic videos with weird captions over the video. “It was so creative and fun,” said Glennon. “I like TikTok because it’s something to scroll through when bored as well as they’re just fun to make.”

Many of those dance trends are still popular along with other style changes that helped us grow into who we are today. Lynzie Dixson, ‘22 explained that a lot of her style included an alternative style. This style could also be described as grunge being as it is more secluded to a particular group of people. “More people are getting in touch with their sense of style but I see lots of alternative looks,” said Dixson.  “Which is surprising because I used to dress like that all the time when I was younger and got bullied, but now since it’s a TikTok trend it’s cool?”

Not only do the students enjoy the app, but teachers too! “I love TikTok,” said Lisa Noe, a star study hall teacher. “Mrs. Palmer told me that eventually I wouldn’t be as obsessed with TikTok as I am right now, but I don’t think that’s truly the case. I have dishes to do, or housework to do but it draws me in, and it’s relaxing, and it gives me something to do. I learn something new everyday, it’s fun, it’s relaxing.”

Throughout the years of high school, our school has seen us grow as people, and seen all of our most embarrassing TikTok drafts made throughout the halls. Johnston High School’s class of 2022 will definitely be missed, but along with the trends that will be taken with them to their adult years, the memories will follow as well. The trends may not stay forever, but the internet does, so good luck trying to grow up and get rid of the video you made three years ago with you dancing to some terrible music.