Spray paint for beginners


Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer

Around Iowa, there are few areas for people to learn detailed spray painting. Most people do not see this as a form of art, and those who practice are questioned on if they are secretly doing graffiti. People do not normally think about spray painting to be a work of art that they can make in the garage.

To start off with, get supplies. Walmart and Target have a good selection of colors and brands. Rust-oleum is one of the better types of brands within the Des Moines area that are easily accessible. Make sure to get cans with the white flat headed valve as opposed to the red fan tips. The flat tips are easiest to use since there is only one direction for the tip to be pressed. Many people struggle with thin tips, where they are supposed to press forward and down. In addition, the spray from these cans come out in a straight line that then comes out. It is the easiest type of spray since they are more controlled and predictable.

It is necessary to have a small tool to remove drying paint from the valve opening. A toothpick works. If the paint dries completely, it will cause the paint to spray unevenly. It is best to practice beginning steps on construction paper as to save money. Once confidence has been built, is best to move on to thin poster board.

As a warning, the paint will get on hands and clothing. Most spray paints are oil based. This means it is possible to get paint off of skin using other oils such as vegetable oil. Once all the paint is off, wash with soap and water, preferably dish soap since it has a higher concentration and works quicker. It is easier to wear clothing that is old and warn as opposed to attempting to get the paint out of clothing.