Star Wars Day is a national holiday

“May the Fourth be with you”


Addison Etnier, Staff Writer

Star Wars Day is a day to be as unapologetically nerdy as one wants. A day filled with Star Wars t-shirts, games, art, marathons, reading and more, it is an event that has been celebrated for years by a large assortment of fans.

The first official Star Wars Day event took place May 4, 2011. Fans in Toronto dressed up and viewed screenings of the “Star Wars” movies. Its trademark phrase, “May the Fourth be with you,” takes homage to the famous film line, “May the Force be with you.” Since the first event, fans worldwide have enjoyed the ‘holiday.’

In years past I have spent Star Wars day with my family, watching our collective favorite movies, shows and playing games, while eating themed foods. It is an eventful day. This is my last Star Wars Day with my family, as I am heading off to college. I am hyped about the event regardless.

Stores, both online and in-person, typically have sales and special offers on their Star Wars merchandise. Fans this year will be able to enjoy the first episode of the new Disney+ animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” The streaming service also recently released the “Vintage Collection,” which includes a couple movies and several animated series that were produced before Disney’s purchase of the title. Such releases include “Caravan of Courage” and “Ewoks.” Fans also have their pick from the entire Star Wars theatrical vault and its hit animated shows to watch on this day.

Social media feeds will no doubt fill up with fan art, cosplays and other nerdy content in celebration. If you spy a fan in the halls, make sure to greet them with a “May the Fourth be with you!”