Streets of After Prom

Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer

In order to put up decorations for after prom, parents decided to consult the art teachers and set up a time for students to create their own artwork and decorations.

Roxi Evans-Guilloz brought spray paint for students to use after school with the art club and anyone else who wanted to join.

The After Prom theme is ‘I Love New York’, and the commons will we decorated like the streets of NYC. “The games are going to be downstairs and we thought it would be fun to have some decorations around there,” Evans-Guilloz said. “That’s when we came up with the idea of hanging some graffiti around.”

Evans-Guilloz felt it would be best if the students personalized their work to make it more meaningful to the other students.

When the chair for decorations heard about Evans-Guilloz idea, Karen Dhawan asked for some of the graffiti panels to put around other areas of the school.