Student Council strives to make a difference

The September issue contained an article about charities and what students can do to help their communities. Student Council is contemplating helping the community by donating some funds from the ‘superhero’ homecoming to the troops.


Natalie Larimer

Junior Alex White swings down the sledgehammer trying to break through the roof. Student Council hosted a car smash for homecoming last year Thursday, Sept. 26. The event raised about $250 that was be donated at the Dig Pink/Spike Blue volleyball game that was held against Urbandale on Tuesday Oct. 8.

Brooklynn Ginsberg, Staff Writer

From Captain America, to undaunted soldiers defending our nation, this year’s homecoming theme is centered around the idea of superheroes. Entailing that novel fiction is what comes first to mind, Student Council has decided to take an inspired route by donating money to our soldiers.

Student Council member senior EmmaGrace Walter was apart of the creativity with organizing homecoming’s aspects. “This year, we decided to donate a portion to our real heroes, the troops,” Walter said. “It’s a great way to get more people to want to join in and make a difference in others’ lives.”

It has not yet been exposed to the Student Council members or public itself as to which organization they will be donating money to specifically.

“The idea of one of the companies that makes and sends care packages was at the top of the list during our last discussion,” adviser Kari Gray said. ¬†There are, however, no final decisions yet.”