Student spreads his faith

Carly Kinning, Sub Editor

A senior student checked off an item on his bucket list April 9. The senior chose a Bible verse, wrote it on sticky notes and stuck it on to every locker in the building.

“Ever since sophomore year I’ve wanted to do that,” the student said. “I believe in God without a doubt and as a Christian I want to save other people, my friends that I care about, and make sure they live forever so I can see them in heaven some day.”

The day before, the student texted some friends and asked them for help. The student ended up writing the verse on all of the sticky notes by himself, which took him around seven hours.

“At 2 (p.m. April 8) yesterday I went and bought the sticky notes at Walgreen’s, and then I got home worked on them, took a nap, worked on them again, and got done around nine,” the student said.

The sticky notes were put up during fourth period, and in fifth period campus monitor Jan Bjurstrom took the student out of class and told the student to get to work taking them down.

“I picked up the first row of lockers, just like a little section, and I’m like, I want a Saturday school,” the student said.

The school wanted the sticky notes taken down because they could be viewed as the school supporting a religion which is unconstitutional.