Students anticipate news on Homecoming activities


Carly Kinning

Students TPed the high school and middle school on the night of Thursday, Sept. 26. TP was on the football field as well, and the marching band had to clean it in the morning.

Carly Kinning, Online Editor-in-chief

Rumors race around the school as students anticipate the news on the future of the remaining Homecoming activities. As of 8:00 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 26, nothing has been confirmed directly to students.

Members of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior student bodies all participated in the annual Homecoming tradition to TP the high school. Things were said by administration to be taken too far, however, when students began vandalizing the press box in the football stadium, windows of the school and stadium paintings on the pavement in the stadium.

Senior Shayla Warrick heard rumors about the elementary school readings being cancelled, where fall sports and cheerleaders read to the elementary schools, due to the TPing and vandalism at the high school. “I think TPing is fine for everyone to do, but vandalism is not okay,” Warrick said. “Same goes for the sexual drawings on the windows.”

Student Resource Officer Jessica Jensen declined to comment on the activities performed by the students.

Other students agree with Warrick that things were taken too far. “Trees were fine (to TP), but [tipping over] the porta potties was not okay,” junior Macey Kramer said. “Respect your field.”

Senior Ben Perman has the same opinion on the vandalism as Warrick and Kramer. “That was taken too far,” Perman said.

High school students TPed the entire football field. As of 7:50 a.m., head football coach Brian Woodley had no comment.

While teachers and administrators roam the halls speaking in hushed tones, students speak openly on what they think the punishments will be. Teachers were told by administrators not to speak until announcements were made.