Students raise pop tabs for Ronald McDonald house


The pop tab bin that sits outside the lunchroom doors next to the glass case. Money for the recycled tabs is used to help fund the Ronald McDonald house and those staying within it.

Anna Larson, Staff Writer

Next to the art display case by the lunch room sits a plastic bin containing pop tops.

After the idea of raising pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House was brought to student council, it decided to take action. “We started a couple of weeks ago but we haven’t really gotten a lot of pop tabs until recently and we’re trying to spread the word more so we can get more pop tabs,” sophomore Kate Irwin said.

The pop tabs collected will go to the house where they can recycle the tabs in exchange for money. This money is used to help fund the house and provide for those staying within it. “It’s a place where people who have been admitted to the hospital stay when they are between visits,” Irwin said. “It’s like a home when you’re not able to go home from after a hospital visit and you can stay there as long as you need to.” It doesn’t take that much effort so bring a couple tabs, or a ton of them, and drop them in the bin outside the lunchroom.