Students recreate dresses in class for prom


Kate Lichter

Prom dresses hang on two racks in the guidance office. The dresses will be on display until May 2.

Kate Lichter, Staff Writer

Scrambling to find material to repurpose a dress, senior Adam Logsdon could not find the right string for the corset back. His goal was to recreate an old dress for a student to wear to Best Buddies prom, but he could not finish it on time.

The student was still able to try on the dress Logsdon was making, but ended up having to wear another dress to the prom.

“I got to make something special for students that I normally didn’t interact with,” Logsdon said.

The dress was finished and lived up to his expectations even though the student could not wear the dress to prom.

“I had this vision in my head about what the dress would look like and how,” Logsdon said. “When I finished the dress it looked just how I pictured it.”

Other students in the Design Strategies class repurposed dresses along with Logsdon. Even though there were a few snags along the way, the other students in the class completed their visions.

Family and consumer science teacher Kathy Comstock  has organized the donations for five years and just started the program again after a break from last year. They have had 20 to 25 dresses donated from teachers around the district and have sold five of them. With the highest price being $40, the dresses are affordable and only needed a few alterations to make the dress perfect.

“If they have a little bit of creativity, they can turn it into a dress that nobody would know it came from there,” Comstock said. Her Design Strategies class makes simple changes to repurpose a few of the donated dresses.

The money will go to Family Career and Community Leaders of America, a group that focuses on family and service learning, to help fund any FCS conferences and programs. They are still accepting donations and the last day to purchase a dress is May 2.