Students sign up to compete in Knowledge Bowl


Carly Kinning

The sign up sheet for Knowledge Bowl is to the left of the door by Cline’s classroom.

Carly Kinning, Online Editor-in-chief

The last day to sign up for the Knowledge Bowl is Friday, Sept. 26. The sign up sheet is hanging outside of ELP and AP World teacher Sue Cline’s classroom.

Cline is the teacher orchestrating the Knowledge Bowl at the high school. “It’s kind of like jeopardy,” Cline said.

Knowledge Bowl is a competition of 100 questions based off of general knowledge. “Since it is based off of general knowledge, there is no way to prepare or practice,” Cline said.

Each participant is given points based off the accuracy of their answer and the amount of time they submit their answer in.

If a student answers correctly within the first three seconds, they receive ten points. After three seconds, the amount of points the competitor is given starts to decrease. If a question is answered wrong, three points is the most a competitor can earn for the question.

The top competitor from the high school can also go on to Merle Hay Mall to compete at a higher level. The high school has been represented for the past eight years.