Suffering Due To Stupidity

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

Politics suck, and a majority of the time politicians do too. Through extensive internet research and news watching, I have learned the short version of the reason behind this government shutdown. The United States President, Donald Trump, wants permission to build a cement wall on the Southern Boarder with the thought in mind to keep out illegal immigrants. However, Democratic Representatives refuse to allow it. They have agreed to talk about it once the shutdown has ended but so far neither side has surrendered. The shutdown is still in affect.

The shutdown has been going on for so long that government workers have gone without two paychecks. Some workers are being forced to work for no pay, for example airport TSA officers. From the shutdown people have begun to notice how much the government workers do in in their everyday lives and how it is not always regonized by the common people. An example being the handing out of food stamps. Many families rely on food stamps to obtain food in order to make sure their family  does not go hungry because they cannot afford it. Yet, the shutdown has caused food stamps to not be given out because those who work at pantries and hand out the stamps are not being payed. Families are starving because they can not afford food and their only way to access it has been cut off because of our leaders decision’s.

The workers who have not been getting paid, that are not forced to go into work, have been protesting. Standing outside their local capitals with signs and megaphones demanding for the shutdown to end so they can start to support their families again. These people are from all backgrounds and ethnicities, uniting in order to stop this horrible situation. However, more than just these workers are protesting. Many others have joined in protests at their capitals and joined the talk on social media, as the hashtag shutdown has been trending on Twitter on and off since the start of the shutdown. Some celebrities have even taken to the media. Cardi B posted a video on instagram degrading the Trump administration and humanizing the way these workers are being treated. She got a lot of backlash from this video, some from political representatives, but she stood behind her words. This managed to get her trending on twitter because she backed up her thoughts. In posting this video she opened the door to more protesters and advocates through her fan base. These protests are making headway with our leaders, and those who are being forced to work for no pay have taken action by suing the Trump Administration.

In my brain, when I simplify this shutdown, it essentially was caused by politicians acting like children. They are not coming to a compromise because they simply refuse to acknowledge each other. When even a little headway is made something else causes a side to take two steps back. People are suffering because our country’s politicians are stuck in a petty debate. They are just willing to let their citizens suffer, until their wants are met.