Suffering through sick days


Kaylee Ross

Going to school sick, is something many students face to keep up with grades and classes.

Kaylee Ross, Staff Writer

Going to school sick is something many students face in order to keep up with grades and classes. Either parents tell them they have to go and push through the day or there may be an important upcoming test. Although grades are the main priority it is important to get rest in order for that nasty cough or stomach bug to disappear. According to Healthline, there are some ways to help push through the sickness, the first being lots of fluids. Water, juice, broth and clear liquids will help, but caffeine and warm drinks are best if avoided. For a sore throat eat ice chips, nasal spray for a stuffy nose and cough drops, throat spray or cough suppressants really help to relax a cough.

Out of all the reasons to go to school sick, the most common is grades. “When I’m sick I normally stay home” said Isabella Root ‘20. “Unless it’s a cold, because good grades are what motivate me.” If too many days are missed by a student a letter from the school is sent to the the parents explaining the importance of each class. Absences have a big effect on academic performance, and if there are too many students grades can be affected.

“When I’m sick I usually sleep in and don’t go to school” Ethan Burnett ‘20   ” As long as I can do normal everyday things I go but if I am just not feeling good at all I stay home. I go to make sure I don’t fall behind on anything because needing to make things up can be a real pain and bring down your grade in that class and others trying to catch up.”

As kids grow older their willpower and motivation changes because they know the importance of missing school. At one point or another most kids have faked illness. They look up at their parents with tears in their eyes just begging to stay home. Maybe even putting a thermometer under some hot water for an added affect.  “When I was little I’d just lay on the couch, watch TV all day and drink 7-Up” said Burgett. “I was usually sick when I stayed home because my mom was really strict about it, but I did fake it a couple times just because I’d have some slight symptoms.”

Whatever the reason, whatever motivation gets people up and out of bed to go to school it is always going to be difficult but if there is a logical explanation whether it be grades, parents, friends, or even sports it is important for kids to take care of themselves first. If a virus is going around make sure to get an extra hour or two of sleep in order to be better rested for the day. Take some medicine before hand and drink lots of water.