Summer Sadness

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

I love summer, I really do. The weather is great and it is amazing to give my brain a break. However, I feel like I have only wasted the past two weeks.

I sleep in until noon and when I finally get out of bed, I just move downstairs to the couch, and watch YouTube or Netflix. I have reached the point where I have very little interest in the things I am watching, as it is all I have been doing for the past two weeks. I have tried to set earlier alarms and start my day like normal but I just am not motivated to get up. I have no reason to get up early, so why would I.

Also, among this laziness, I converse with my family. I typically talk to my sisters the most because my mom is at work. It was peaceful the first few days, but now we are at each others throats, arguing every other minute about the littlest things. We have been around each other so much, that we are actually growing sick of each other.

Not having school everyday, also means not seeing my friends everyday. Thanks to modern technology, this is not the biggest deal. However, not talking with them every few hours is weird and I really do miss it. We have not hung out a lot due to conflicting schedules like them having to work, or sports practices.

I was also super excited for this summer, as I turned 16. I have a car, so in theory I could drive anywhere I desired. Yet, I have not done that. I do not have any form of income and gas is expensive, especially for a Jeep. It is also hard to go do anything, because majority of stuff costs money. Which, again, I do not have.

I thought a way to fill the summer would be to get a job. I have applied to four different places and only one has responded, declining my application. Marching band will be starting up soon so I will have less free time, and my schedule is not flexible enough for a lot of places.

So far my summer has not been the best. I have only wasted my time by sleeping and watching pointless things. I think it will eventually improve because of future plans like a trip to Washington DC and Marching band starting, but right now I am bored out of my mind.