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Classroom of the Elite: One of the best school anime

Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer October 20, 2017

Despite all of the amazing school-based anime I've seen, none of them compare to Classroom of the Elite in intensity. This is the only one that I've found that focuses on the school and how it continues...

Confusing pace of Knights & Magic

Confusing pace of Knights & Magic

Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer September 18, 2017

Knights & Magic is a manga I started last year. Originally, I was extremely impressed by the character's extreme and charigsmaric personality, and I enjoyed reading each update. Now, the anime has...

“Poco’s Udon World:” a sweet slice of life story

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer May 4, 2017

A lot of the animes for this year are just second seasons of shows that started last year. So now might be the time to catch up on shows you may have missed in years prior. "Poco's Udon World" is a great...

Nanbaka: a colorful explosion

Nanbaka: a colorful explosion

Shabana Gupta, Staff Writer March 6, 2017

When someone hears the word "prison" they expect a bleak place with gray walls and orange jumpsuits. This thought process is broken through with the first sight of Nanba prison. Everything about this prison,...

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