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Better representation crucial to history curriculum

Better representation crucial to history curriculum

Andrew Maresca, Staff Writer

April 25, 2017

From a young age it is taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. In elementary school you learn that he was on a mission to find gold. Finally, in high school you find out that he burnt down villages and cut off the hands of Native Americans that did not bring him enough gold. It is nearly impossible t...

School-to-Work class creating connections

Teacher Krisitine Volesky goes over plans for her school to work class. Volesky teaches the School-to-Work class.

Angela Cai and Andrew Maresca

April 4, 2017

A handful of students are not’t part of the wave of their classmates fighting to get out of the crowded parking lot and go home when the 2:50 bell rings. These students are part of the School to Work class, and spend their afternoons at various internships.   School to Work is a class offered to seniors an...