The Black & White

New high school taking major steps toward completion

The main public doors that will open into the attendance and administrative offices. The building is set to be completed in April 2017.

Angela Cai and Sloan Meader

September 23, 2016

With the start of fall and the new school year also comes major milestones for the new high school’s construction. By the end of Sept., all the building systems like air conditioning, cooling, and water should be up and running. “It’s a pretty big milestone that [the building] can heat and cool itself,"...

Construction of new high school making headway

The construction of the new high school on 100th street is making progress. So far, the contractors and crew have run into no major issues and expect the building to be finished in spring of 2017.

Hannah Crooks, Feature Editor

November 6, 2015

After several months of construction, the new high school is expected to be completely enclosed in about four weeks. “Iowa winters are not always kind,” principal Ryan Woods said. “If they get it enclosed, that will allow them to do a lot of indoor stuff during the winter months. When spring comes,...