Take a different look at Goodwill stores

Shopper at Hope Ministries Thrift Shop looks for clothes to wear.

Olivia White, Staff Writer

Everything that you see at a thrift shop or at Goodwill has a story behind it, a history of its own. These stores sell more than clothes and other “junk.” Not only are you saving money at stores like this, but you’re also donating to those in need. An amazing feeling can be acquired by helping others when they need it most. Stores like these truly bring out the best in people.

Although Goodwill and thrift shops are highly stereotyped stores, these stereotypes are often exaggerated. I have never been to a thrift shop before in my life until last weekend. I visited the Hope Ministries Thrift Shop on Merle Hay Road at first just for a story, but ended up actually shopping there. The store was quite pleasant despite my prior false accusations through many stereotypes of the store. The workers were friendly, and I wasn’t the only shopper.

Looking around the store, I noticed that the shoppers were actually shopping for clothes to wear on a daily basis.

“When I shop at Goodwill, it is usually for clothes that I will actually wear to school,” senior Konnor Gifford said. “Goodwill is great because you can find your own style there, and you know that you won’t see 15 other people at school wearing the same t-shirt. But before the song thrift shop, I don’t think a lot of people would consider going to a place like Goodwill because it seemed trashy.”

Goodwill isn’t just a store for crazy costumes and a sweater to wear on ugly sweater day. In fact, for some people, Goodwill is a lot more. “Goodwill is for anyone, not just homeless poor people,” freshman Stefanie Stanisic said. “Everyone just thinks it is (for the homeless).”

It’s a place where people can have no worries when shopping for the things they need, whether they are low on cash wanting to save a few bucks or because they genuinely like the store. “Goodwill is like a hidden goldmine,” Gifford said.

Not only is Goodwill donating to homeless and the poor, it’s also putting 75,240 people back to work each year according to Goodwill’s official website. It’s simple, when you donate your stuff to Goodwill, you create opportunities for individuals in your community looking to find a job and build skills, including veterans and military families, single parents and many others. It is an amazing program that brings out the best in people.

“I think that Goodwill is a great place that helps the community,” freshman Ashley Miller said. “It’s a place for people who need to save a few bucks.” There really is no better feeling than the feeling of knowing you may have helped someone out who needed it.

Supporting and donating to stores like these are easy and have a huge impact. Donating or shopping at Goodwill is choice you won’t regret.