Teachers on TikTok


A screenshot of the TikTok account for the business and media teachers. Their most viewed video has over 1000 views.

Parker Anderson, Staff Writer

“I like the idea of gathering around one thing, and bonding over it. TikTok could be that new thing.”

— Ed Walker

Students have been using TikTok since it was Musical.ly. Recently, teachers have been using the social media app as a way to connect with students.

TikTok is an app where people record themselves lip-syncing and doing funny things. People can like other videos, and follow other people. On the app, people can message and send each other videos they enjoyed and thought were funny.

One teacher who has a TikTok account is English teacher Ed Walker. Walker noticed TikTok was becoming a thing because his study hall students would talk about it and make them during class. “They talked about it so much that I became so curious,” Walker said. “Since one of the goals of our building is making connections from teachers to students and it seemed like TikTok could be a method of doing that.”

Walker made his TikTok last month. He just started a Dragon Time about TikTok as well. “I read a New York Times article that said teachers are starting TikTok clubs,” Walker said. “I like the idea of gathering around one thing, and bonding over it. TikTok could be that new thing.”

The business department also recently made a TikTok account. They created the account about three weeks ago. The business teachers decided to make the account because they know a lot of students have TikTok, and they believe it is a good way to promote their classes. “Since the purpose of our TikTok is to promote our classes, most of our TikTok are centered around a specific course, or courses,” Financial Literacy and School to Work teacher Lexi Shafer said. “Mrs. Bousum is the master of our most popular TikTok, she wrote the rap for the Lizzo song we did. She wrote double of what we posted but TikTok can only be up to 60 seconds.”

Love it or hate it, now when scrolling through the “For You” page, encountering one of the school’s English teachers is very possible.