Teddy Tank™ update


Natalie Larimer

Alpha’s cleaner tank with the teddy bear removed. The fur was disrupting his day-to-day life.

Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

The Teddy Tank™ has failed me.

In case you do not religiously read all of my articles, I bought a teddy bear fish tank to test and make sure it would keep a fish alive. My fish’s name is Alpha, and his tank had to be dismantled and left as a plain plastic bowl due to the fact that the gross teddy bear fur was getting in his water.

While cleaning Alpha’s tank, I found that the fur of the bear gets inside of the tank and upsets Alpha. However cute his tank may be, the fur is disgusting and I have removed the bear from the tank.

Alpha now resides in his bowl without the repulsive bear fur disrupting his home environment. He seems to be happy with the surplus of light and oxygen he is now provided with.

The tank still requires cleaning every four days.

One out of five stars for the disappointment caused by the Teddy Tank™.