Tell me you love me

Frank Schwichtenberg

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Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

Power ballads can be a hit or miss with a lot of people, because some people love drama while others think it is too much. These days everyone is obsessed with calling people “fake”. No matter how much an artist tries to be sincere their message rarely gets across, or at least not in its original form. That is why when artists succeed in making us really feel something in a power ballad, it is even more satisfying. In Demi Lovato’s song “Tell me you love me”, I believe she did just that.

This song strikes an almost perfect balance between the vocals and the instrumentals, especially in the beginning. Most songs usually have only one or the other being amazing. So, this gives the song an advantage already as it tells a story of  a relationship that is falling apart. The notes of the vocals always dance over or under the instrumentals, which makes for a great tone. The words take a simplistic road, but along the way, the words hint at a much deeper story and emotion. The way she keeps apologizing and pointing out her flaws makes the audience more attached automatically. Since she never blames someone else for her issue, but does not repeatedly sing phrases about pitying herself, it is easier to get involved with story. Her vocals are clear as usual, and this song really let her show off her lower register. Topping it off by staying modest, as she does not overdo the ad-libs, even at the big finale of the song.

It is good that the horns and bass guitar, were kept nice and light through out the song. Once again allowing the other aspects of the song to carry their own weight. These instruments stick to a straight forward line but never fully resolves. So, it always keeps you on your toes. The whole atmosphere of the song feels strong but sad and foreboding at the same time, which would not be possible without the instrumentals being so dynamic.

I would like to think making her song “Confident” and this one in the same key, was intentional. If that was the case, this would be a beautiful story that involves seeing different sides of person. One side believing she is independent and proudly sure of herself. The other being broken, and desperate for love. Just a theory, though.

This song was a huge success by doing power ballads right, and being well balanced too. It showed big emotions, but remained sincere. For these reasons, I give this song a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Like usual, she gave us an engaging song, and I ca not wait to see where she goes from here.