The Forgotten

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Editor-in-Chief

The next generation that will be in charge of society has been forgotten by our current government.

As we know everyone who submitted their 2019 taxes will or already have received a stimulus check from the government. The stimulus money is one of the ways the government is trying to help citizens during the pandemic and jump start the economy. The government has already sent out a check previous to this one. This stimulus everyone who is eligible and claimed will receive 600 dollars, however those ages 18-26 might not get anything.

College-aged individuals who are not claimed or claimed as dependent by their parents in their taxes will not receive a stimulus payment. Even if these individuals are working a steady job or at college studying to enter the work force the government does not recognize them for payment. Are they not worthy?

This forgotten generation not being recognized is going to run the government in the upcoming years. They will become Senators, doctors, businessmen and maybe even president. They deserve to be recognized for what they are doing and should be compensated like everyone else who is eligible.

These college-aged people are struggling with the pandemic just as much as the other citizens, if not more. They are having their young years that boomers and millennials got to enjoy taken away from them. They cannot go out to parties, or attend normal college classes. They cannot leave their homes without masks. They cannot enjoy these years in the same way past generations have. The government not compensating them for all they have lost while they compensate younger and older generations is a slap in the face.

One of the main points of receiving this money is to aid citizens in paying their everyday expenses due to the rise in unemployment during the pandemic. According to NBC’s Make it, 59% of those who received payment plan to use it to pay household bills. People between the ages of 18-26 have needs. They might have rent, or food or other issues that they need this payment for as well. It is not fair that they are not being allowed to receive what everyone else is.

There is  lot that goes into the stimulus bill, and it took a lot to get it through Congress however if they are trying to help the citizens of the United States then they have to actually help them.

Since the processing of the payment Democratic leaders have rumored that they may be another 2,000 dollar stimulus payment however this has not be confirmed and not passed. I hope that they recognize these forgotten people when they send out the next payment.