The Green Book was remarkable

Kara Green, Staff Writer

The Green Book was released on November 16th, 2018. It is based on a true story and follows Dr. Don Shirley, a black, world class musician, who is embarking on a music tour in the deep south. During the great age of segregation during the 1960’s, Dr. Shirley wanted some form of protection in the south when he traveled so he enlisted the help of Tony Lip. Tony Lip is a middle aged Italian man who takes any job he can in order to pay the bills. On the eight-week tour, the two discover things about themselves and each other that creates a life long friendship between them. The movie was very entertaining and included many amazing parts from the story to the music.

The story was fantastic. Although there have been many movies that are based on true stories in the south, this one had a different feeling to it. The black man (Dr.Shirley) was more wealthy than the white man (Tony Lip), but the racism was still present in the south. Both the audience and the characters learned many life lessons that made the story interesting from beginning to end. The other thing about the story that added to it even more was the time period. The 1960’s were a great time period with the cars and the costumes and the food was well portrayed. The way the actors spoke and the emotion added an extra layer that not every movie has.

The music was another portion of the movie that I appreciated. Since the main character was a musician, there was plenty of music blended throughout. The style and talent of the music was masterfully made. Mahershala Ali, who plays Don Shirley, had a double who played the piano for him and composed the music. The emotion from the masterful playing and the acting of Ali led to a performance the audience could not help but enjoy.