The Mystery of the Disappearing Furniture

Where did the old furniture go?


Lily Simpson

The dumpster chair vs a new chair.

Lily Simpson, Staff Writer

A few years back, the school was tasked with transporting things from the old high school, to the current high school. However, many things did not make it through the move. All old furniture was replaced with brand new pieces. But where did they put the furniture that did not make the cut? This missing furniture is something everyone has overlooked, and has probably never crossed the  minds of students. There is something missing in the commons. They are lacking the old, worn-in chairs, desks and tables. There is no furniture in any storage or closets, so where could it have gone?

Many different teachers and administrative personnel thought it was either sold or donated. However, no answer was certain.

When schools want to sell things bought with tax payer money, it has to travel through a website called “” GovDeals provides services to government agencies allowing them to sell surplus assets via the Internet. Each agency has its own auction rules and may be subject to government ordinances. With this website the public is able to buy furniture, books, and other things that the school is trying to sell. For example, a school sold ten boxes of books for 5 dollars. But that sparks the idea, is selling school items even worth it? Selling all of those books will get barely any pay back, so then why not just donate it? Boys and girls clubs or other shelters are constantly looking for “lightly used” furniture. Which is all of the old chairs and tables we have.

Superintendent Laura Kacer provided information directly from the district wide buildings and grounds secretary, Christine Scott. She confirmed that they used “” and recycled the usable chairs and desks through other buildings in our district. There was also a specific day where other schools were allowed to searching through all the furniture and take whatever they wanted. But other than that, most of it was thrown away due to how “beat up” it was.

Regarding reusing in the district and selling, it was a lot work for little pay off. So overall, trashing most things was the easiest and cheapest option. So with this, the mystery of the dissapearing furniture has been solved.