The New Kids On The Block : Hasta Verano


Ty R

Guitarist Dylan McLaren during a writing session.

Ty Roberts, Staff Writer

    A few months ago, the group Hasta Verano was just a few friends making songs together. Now they are a fully-produced band. Recently, they have released a few demos, and a full length EP. They have even hosted a live show, with a mask mandate and social distancing, of course.

   The band consists of two guitarists Michael Friedrickson and Dylan McLaren, drummer Chase McLaren, bassist Alex Wear and a vocalist Ryan Harrison.

    The name “Hasta Verano” is a Spanish phrase meaning “Until Summer”, which is the name of their debut full-length EP. In their official bio it mentions that “no two members have the same music taste with another.” The endless possibilities show how five friends can come together to create a pretty sweet band. 

The band was all put together over a span of a few months, with members coming and going. “I can’t speak for everyone as I joined when the band had already been formed,” Chase McLaren ’21 said. “I was asked to come jam some songs early March. Thought it’d be fun so I agreed.” McLaren said they asked him to drum full-time. “I really loved the songs so of course I said yes. We clicked as a group around late June. After our lineup changed a few times we got one that everyone was comfortable and felt creative with.”

   They do not really have a set genre, and they tend to experiment with their sound. “We play a few different genres on our EP,” McLaren said. “If I had to pick one genre, it would be alternative because it is so versatile.”

The COVID-19 Outbreak has been difficult for everyone, even Hasta Verano. “We are just adapting to the new way of life, which has been weird but we’re almost ready to get back into it,” McLaren said.

McLaren mentioned the possibility for a few shows in the future possibly an acoustic concert and a cover they had been working on for release very soon.