The Pros and Cons of Older Siblings

Abby Lehan, Staff Writer

Older siblings are something that many and most people have, close connections are bound to be made between them and along with those bonds come some things to appreciate and some things that are not so great. Both older sisters and older brothers have their own lists of pros and cons and while it may not be the case for all, it is fun to take a look at the most popular stereotypes that older siblings are placed with.

Popular Pros for Older Sisters

  • They Give Good Relationship Advice

Whether its struggles with a friend, parent, or significant other, one can bet that an older sister will be there to give great advice on what to do and how to handle the situation in the best way possible.

  • They Help Out with Style

Fashion failures are unpredictable and they happen to everyone at one point or another. Luckily they can be redirected with the help of most older sisters.

  • Older Sisters Can be a Personal Teacher for Make Up

For those who wear make up and have older sisters that wear it as well they can be a key teacher in the art of decorating the face. There are a lot of different aspects and steps that are done to cover the face and many older sisters are more than willing to help their younger siblings use the products in the correct way.

Popular Cons for Older Sisters

  • They Might Steal Clothes

If an older sister likes a piece of clothing from another sibling’s closet it is not unheard of for an older sister to “borrow” the item. Sharing the house with someone who takes clothing could be rather displeasing

  • They Can be a Little Moody

While this could be for anybody it is a stereotype that older sisters can be a tab bit touchy at times. While everyone has their days it is a common stereotype that older sisters get stuck with.

  • They Can be a Tad Bit Noisy

Again this one could go for any person in the household but as stereotypes say, older sisters tend to be the louder people in their homes.

Popular Pros for Older Brothers

  • They Could Become a Personal Chauffeur

A common occurrence in movies featuring a high school related plot line is the older brother being the driver for all the younger siblings. Even out of the screen the older siblings are always the ones giving out free rides, willingly or not.

  • They Are a Personal Body Guard

One good things about older brothers is that they are always there to look out for their younger siblings. It could be by defending their siblings from other kids or taking the blame for the younger members of the family.

  • Introduced Competition

Something that is said quite a bit is that older brothers, or just brothers in general are a reason for why a person could be so competitive. Introducing that competitive nature can be a really useful in the future for upcoming assertiveness that will be needed later in the younger siblings lives.

Popular Cons for Older brothers

  • Always Pulling Pranks

It is not unheard of in the media for the older brothers in a household to pull friendly pranks around the house. It may be fun to have a fun lighthearted prank pulled every now and then, the overuse of them can quickly become tiring.

  • They Can be Overbearing at Times

While older brothers know certain red flags they can sometimes begin to think that they know better in relationship situations and may attempt to take over. While they may have good intentions it could come off as a bit too much.

  • Turns Everything Into a Competition

Older brothers are said to bring competition into households and it may be a good trait to have with future situations, too much competition can be just that; too much. Friendly competition is good to have yet when everything turns into a competitive frenzy, it becomes more of a downside than not.

It is important to reiterate that many older siblings will not likely fit exactly into the list of pros and cons seeing as they are their own people, and the fact that the pros and cons used in the list were all derived from popular stereotypes and/or tropes that have kept up through the years.