The Truth About True Love

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Copy Editor

True love, the girlish dream that the majority of fairy tales claim to be the ultimate goal of life ever, is literally a lie. Everyone has read the stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and the other stereotypical fairy tales where true love saves the day however nothing ever really goes the way it is depicted in fairy tales.

The story of Sleeping Beauty was created by French author Charles Perrault where a princess is put to sleep only to be awaken by her one true love’s kiss, in this case a handsome prince. I interpret true love in this story to mean essentially a soulmate, and most people believe you can only have one soulmate.

It is hard to believe that, even though there are seven billion people in this world, only one of those people is right for me. It is hard to believe that I will only be able to have a successful romantic relationship with only one of those seven billion people. If this were true, the probability of find my ‘one true love’ is zero percent if I have done the math correctly. According to the math it is impossible to find your true love out of seven billion people.

In theory Sleeping Beauty should not have woken up. I understand that the population of the world was slightly different back then but I doubt the chances were much better. I believe that the price would not have ever found her if the story was realistic.

Another thing that is commonly depicted in media and some fairy tails are the fact that people change. Some bad people turn good, and some good people turn bad. I believe that people are ever changing, and that is a realistic ideology however it pretty much disproves the idea of a ‘true love.’ I think that as people grow they grow independently as well as together, and sometimes that is too much for a relationship. Sometimes people change too much to be together, hence why divorce exists.

I think everyone needs to reevaluate their definition of ‘true love’ I think it is more of an action then a state of being. True love should more so mean that the love you have for someone is pure, unbiased and uninfluenced. It should mean that you have good intentions when acting on the feeling of love or attraction.

Soulmates and the stereotypical idea of ‘true love’ does not accurately portray a realistic lifestyle. There is no way everyone only has one real love in the world, the world is just too vast. Anyone can love anybody and if you want to make it work you can, do not leave it up too fate and fairy tales.