Too Old to Have Stuffed Animals?

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Copy Editor

When I was little, I always begged my mom to buy me stuffed animals. I mainly collected Giraffes however, if I ever saw anything cute I would beg and plea for my mother to buy them. While she did not give in every time, I managed to create a large collection. I am still adding to the collection to this day. However, I have had encounters with others where they believe that having these stuffed animals makes me childish and immature.

I agree that stuffed animals are symbolic of childhood. When thinking of plushies, minds do go straight to kids, yet a lot of adults still buy them for themselves and other adults. For example, a common gift to get for a significant other on Valentines Day is a Teddy Bear. Hate to break to those who were giving me a rough time, but Teddy Bears are still stuffed animals.

It is not like I still play with them like a child would, or anything like that either. I just have them displayed on a shelf in my room. Stuffed animals have always been a constant in my life and serve as a reminder to my past.

All of the stuffed animals in my room hold a meaning. I have one from the first time I travels without my mom, the first time I had a major surgery and that kind of thing. If anything the stuffed animals in my room show my growth in maturity during my life, rather than my immaturity.

As I said I still buy them from time to time, because I have just grown accustom to them showing my life. However, since I am a junior I have had to start thinking vaguely about things I might take to college and I think that taking all of my stuffed animals is out of the question. However, I will take those that mean to the most to me and hold the most symbolism of my childhood.

Do not be afraid to go out and buy a stuffed animal just because someone said it was immature. Everyone seems to grow up too fast, so having an outlet to feel like kid again is something that should be wished for.