Traffic Study


Teja Jetty

This lot is where many accidents have happened.

Teja Jetty, Staff Writer

For some time, problems have occurred in the parking lot whether it be accidents or speeding. Due to these problems, the administration has decided to work with Snyder & Associates to conduct a study on the flow of traffic in and around the parking lot. The results of the study will be used to determine a suitable solution to the problems in the parking lot. 

Last spring, the administration noticed that speeds at which students were driving through the parking lot at were creating an unsafe environment for people to drive and walk in. Because of this, the administration discussed the issues with Snyder & Associates and determined that speed bumps will most effectively take care of the speeding issue. “When we do this, people are going to adjust,” principal Ryan Woods said. “Some people slow down while others go to the other end of the parking lot and go very fast down there.”

Previously, accidents only consisted of the minor tap from car to car due to backing out or parking. However, that has started to change. Because of the extremely high speeds at which students are driving in the parking lot, there has been an alarming number of accidents, a few of which were extremely dangerous. With all of this in mind, the administration, the superintendent, and some others got together to discuss some possible solutions whether it be adding more speed bumps, adding signs, etc. With this discussion, they decided that it would be important to conduct a traffic study.

After administration talked to Snyder & Associates, they offered to do a very comprehensive study on the flow of traffic across the entire parking lot from the front of the school to the stadium. They reviewed important statistics such as the speed at which students were driving, where many cars were leaving and entering from, and the times at which students are leaving and entering. 

Snyder & Associates employed efficient tools such as drones and cameras to get a whole view of the parking lot. However, due to the vast size and number of the school, the study takes longer than many may expect. Yet, when the company is complete with gathering data, they form many choices of solutions that our school board will decide on. “It could include many things such as stop or yield signs, more speed bumps, or some ways to redirect traffic,” Woods said.

Once this traffic study is complete, the school will take steps to make the parking lot an safe environment for students to walk and park in.