Tyler Miklo

October 2, 2017


Tyler Miklo teaches his student about the Dutch and the English in Asia. Miklo has taught almost everything in social studies from government and economics to ancient world history and AP government.

Tyler Miklo grew up in Fort Dodge, Iowa. This is his 12th year teaching, he spent four years teaching in Fort Dodge, and the last seven years teaching in Fairfield. He has taught almost everything in social studies from government and economics to ancient world history and AP government.

Miklo enjoys the environment that the high school provides. “Obviously the building is fantastic and the people are great.” Miklo said. “When I got here they got a pretty high reputation of excellence and so far that’s really held to form, so I wake up every day looking forward to work,”

Being a new teacher at a brand new building opens up a lot of possibilities, Miklo is looking forward to helping out with the football and basketball teams, building relationships with the students, and getting more involved in the community and the school. 

When he’s not at school, Miklo likes to spend time with his wife and son. Even though Miklo struggles to find free time, he enjoys his busy lifestyle. “For the most part [my time consists of] school, and sports, and family which I’m pretty happy with.” Miklo spends the few days he has to himself golfing.

Over the years, Miklo has noticed the benefits of coming to class with a will to try new things. “I get too many kids that say ‘You know I just don’t like this or I don’t get it’. Miklo said. “I think the more of an open mind you can come to school with everyday the better your day will be, the more you’ll enjoy school, and the more you’ll get out of it,”

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