Unpopular Opinion: Candy Corn is Gross

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Copy Editor

It is the month of October and that means it is Halloween season, or as many people have been calling it ‘spooky’ season. Halloween brings with it many different costumes, parties and activities but, above all else, candy.

Candy is a main focus of Halloween because of the common practice of trick-or-treating. Here in Iowa we call it Begger’s Night, which takes place the night before Halloween. Many companies play into the candy craze and come up with new flavors and items. However, the focus is one of the original tastes of Halloween: Candy Corn.

Candy Corn is a triangular-shaped candy that is orange at the base, yellow in the middle and white on the tip. It is shaped to resemble a kernel of corn, hence the name. Candy Corn is a very common candy around Halloween, and is enjoyed by many. However, Candy Corn’s main make-up is corn syrup, editable wax and sugar. To be frank, it is gross.

Eating Candy Corn reminds me of what eating plastic would be like. The texture just feels like wax which, now I know, is because it is made with editable wax. The overall consistency reminds me of Petroleum Jelly, also known as Vaseline, once you eat them if they are not stale.

Candy Corn is also not the most memorable flavor. The taste is only identifiable once you bite into the kernel. The taste of Candy Corn missed the mark as well, it was originally made to taste like marshmallows, vanilla and buttery caramel and when I eat Candy Corn none of those tastes come to mind.

Candy Corn is also something that will go stale pretty quickly. The majority of the times I have tried to eat Candy Corn it was store bought. We brought them home and opened the bag and they were already stale. If something gets stale before it even leaves the store, even if it is being carefully cared for, then it should not exist.

Candy Corn has a very unique texture and flavor compared to other common candies but I believe it is one that should be left in the past. Candy corn has been outdated and many people tend to gravitate to more modern candies and goodies. I would never go out of my way and spend my money just to get Candy Corn like I would with something like Chocolate or gummy candies. Candy Corn is gross, please find a different candy to hand out at Halloween.