“UnRiessenable” senior meeting

Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

Seniors took an hour out of their day on Jan. 14 to be talked at about the policies at the high school. We sat in the auditorium and heard about lanyards, how to recycle, parking lot etiquette, and accountability. At every mention of graduation, we applauded obnoxiously until kindly told by Riessen that we were soon to enter upon the “adult world” and life only gets harder from here.

The assembly began with a talk about the DRAGON program and then moved into scholarships. Guidance secretary Sarah Marckmann (the real MVP) told us about transcripts and applying for colleges, which we should have done by now, and then explained to us that we need to apply for scholarships, which we should all be aware of. One of my favorite quotes of the meeting was Marckmann describing how not all scholarships apply to everyone by saying, “I am not a hispanic female student with a father in World War 2.” This was soon repeated by Riessen, making one of my favorite principal quotes ever.

The purpose for this assembly was so that seniors would be aware of changing policies and take administration’s policies more seriously. But honestly, they did not say anything that couldn’t have been in an email. I understand that not everybody looks at jdragonmail, but have all history teachers or something have all of their classes check their email at the beginning of class if it is really an issue.

Many students live-tweeted the assembly, creating a sort of class joke. From senior Ryan Kramme’s administrator-themed puns, “This whole senior mass meeting is pretty unriessenable if you ask me” to senior Troy Ikeda’s “‘Today is wednesday, seniors’ *senior class cheers and applauds*”, the live-tweets amused all who saw them.

Honestly, the meeting was pretty redundant. The only news I learned was that Stratton would like to tow our cars, Klein finds barcodes interesting, and never EVER mess with Faley.