Venom: not as bad as the critics say

Kara Green, Staff Writer

Venom is a Columbia Pictures movie associated with Marvel Entertainment and was released on Oct. 5, 2018. The story line follows Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy), a journalist that debunks and destroys corrupt foundations. The movie follows the events when Eddie tries to usurp the Life Foundation run by Carlton Drake. While he is in the process of destroying the corporation, he merges with an alien we later learn is named Venom.

The story line in this movie was sub par but entertaining. The story line was generally basic in it’s simplicity but had underlying elements that made it worth watching. While doing an interview with Carlton Drake and attacking him using information he should not have, he loses everything. He loses his job, fiancee, and apartment in one accident fairly close to the beginning of the film. He returns to the Life building in an attempt to take down the corporation once and for all. What he finds instead is a group of people that are being experimented on with aliens. Eddie is merged with the alien Venom and chaos ensues. The story line from there on out is fast paced and exciting. The only issue is that there are no pauses. It’s 100% the entire movie, so it’s nearly impossible to relax or take a break.

The characters were well done. During the film it is evident that Eddie Brock’s character is distressed and is well played by Tom Hardy. His acting and experience brings a different level to the emotion in the film. His girlfriend wasn’t featured all that much in the film. She was only used to move the plot on. Her acting, however, was very good and convincing about her choices.

The conflict was as good as the story line allowed. The villain is the leader of the major organization that brings Venom to Earth. After a while it is revealed that the villain is killing people in his experiments. His lack of care for the people he’s killing brings another type of evil into the story that isn’t usually seen in superhero movies. The conflict is between the journalist and the corrupt corporation. The aliens are an additional element that is added on top of the conflict to add more depth.

Overall, the story line and conflict weren’t overly fantastic. However, the effects and acting brought the story together and made it an enjoyable experience to watch. I highly recommend that you don’t listen to the critics and make your own opinion. 4/5 stars.