Molly Hauser, Staff Writer

Starting off their new album, Panic! at the Disco released their new single “Victorious” Sept. 28.

The song features a countryish sound in the background during the beginning and chorus, giving it a unique sound to previous songs by the band. Usually I’m against all things country being an alternative kid, but Panic! makes the sound work and it definitely fits with the song.

The song continues onto more familiar sounds that one associates with Panic! which include their usually pounding beats mixed with lead singer Brendon Urie’s impossibly high notes. The song blends eventually, though when it first started I was surprised and even a little skeptical.

Panic! has always done songs with topics like drugs, murder and really anything that society as a whole views as bad, but this song seems to blend all of their normal topics together while not even mentioning them, secretly or not.

I’m still surprised by how Urie finds new sounds and themes for all of their albums as not a single one sounds exactly the same. Urie’s blend of light country guitar and Panic!’s usual sound makes one that has many excited for their new album.