VSCO Girls Are Taking Over


Parker Anderson

Kendal Butin ’21 showing off her “VSCO girl materials”. Each of her arms have 20 scrunchies on them.

Parker Anderson, Staff Writer

Around the school, a lot of students have been hearing the sayings “And I Oop” and “sksksksksk” starting the 2019 school year. Along with the weird phrases people have noticed girls say, they also have seen girls wear over-sized T-shirts and lots of scrunchies, shell necklaces, Birkenstocks, and Hydroflasks. The girls in question are the nightmare brought to us from TikTok: VSCO Girls.

VSCO girls are girls who emerged from app, TikTok by using the photography app: VSCO. It has replaced the term “basic white girl”, in a sense. The way they dress is one of their main distinctions. VSCO girls like to make tiktoks with their boyfriends, or by themselves, many of them making them look desperate for attention. These girls also make sure everyone hears when they drop their precious Hyrdoflask that is covered in stickers of basic quotes or pictures from “The Office.”

Teachers are usually a little less knowledgeable about current trends, but everyone’s opinion on VSCO girls matter. “I don’t know much about them, but the sense I get from a lot of these girls is that there are certain cool things to wear and they are all very expensive,” Chelsea Stone, a Spanish teacher, said. “I feel it has become a little bit of a status symbol, but it also seems like a loss of identity because everyone looks and dresses the same now.” 

It is always fun to see VSCO girls around the halls, but most students have no idea what it is like to live with one. Jacob Gearhart ’21 has a little sister and she identifies as a VSCO girl. “Living with a VSCO girl is like living with a caged lion because you never know when they are going to escape and kill over half of the people in the house,” Gearhart said. “There are scrunchies everywhere there is a constant sound of Hydroflasks dropping on the cement floor and she is always saying ‘And I oop’ from her room, along with a strange amount of Billie Eilish music. It’s honestly a lot. VSCO girls are a joke.” 

Many of the high school VSCO girls said they would be highly embarrassed to tell the world what it is like being a VSCO girl, but thankfully there is one. “My favorite part of being a VSCO girl is how comfortable I am and how hydrated I stay,” Cadence Sires ‘23 said. “The oversized tee-shirts keep me warm during school, and my Hydroflask holds half of my daily water intake, so I always know how much to drink. I also enjoy the fact that scrunchies don’t ruin my hair, or cut off the circulation on my wrist like normal hair ties.”

Lots of high school students are turning into VSCO girls. Logically girls would be the ideal VSCO girl, but now boys are taking their turn wearing Birkenstocks and drinking out of Hyrdoflasks.  Boys are wearing their girlfriends scrunchies, and they will soon be wearing over-sized T-shirts that make it look like they are not wearing pants to help join the trend.

Ajdin Hasanic ’21 is one of the many students whose girlfriend is a VSCO girl. “Yeah, I have lots of scrunchies in a collection at my house,” Hasanic said. “They are a symbol of being in a relationship. If you have a scrunchie, then you’ve been branded by a VSCO girl.”

Overall, the school has been overrun by VSCO girls. Whether it was through younger siblings, girlfriends or just girls around school, everyone will know at least one VSCO girl by Thanksgiving break.