Wear A Dang Mask

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Editor-in-Chief

A common term many have found themselves saying in this time where COVID-19 is still an ongoing issue is, “Aw crap! I forgot my mask.”

Masks have become a new accessory in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has been shown that they are one of the best protections a common citizen has against the virus.

With the reopening of Iowa, many businesses that have opened require face coverings for entry. Face coverings do not necessarily protect you from receiving the virus but it protects those around you from receiving it from you. They help prevent the transference of the germs someone is carrying through their breath. I am required to wear a mask at work in order to protect the customers.

I understand that wearing a mask in the current weather is not ideal, as it is nearly 100 degrees outside most days. However it would be nice to see more people wearing them. It is a simple thing that could been done to help stop the spread of the virus and yet some people straight up refuse out of pure selfishness. I have seen multiple videos of people online trying to enter places like Costco, which requires a mask for entry, refusing to wear a mask but still attempting to enter. Many of these people use the excuse of, “It is a free county,” to support their choices.

What is the point of refusing to wear a mask? What do you expect to come from it? Think of the big picture. If more people were to wear a mask the slower the virus would spread, giving scientists more time to find a cure and therefore the sooner you would not have to wear a mask. There is obviously much more to it however, that is a simplified version.

I have noticed many people who wear masks, which I appreciate, but they wear them incorrectly. I have seen people wear their mask in a way that it only covers their mouth and not their nose. I appreciate the effort they put into actually wearing the mask however if you wear them incorrectly they are not going to have the affect they are suppose to.

If someone is only covering half their face, then the masks are only going to have half the affect that they were intended to have. It would slow the spread a small amount but, if worn correctly, they would slow the spread significantly more.

There are some people who cannot wear mask due to a health condition. These might be people who are at a higher risk of death if they catch the virus. If everyone around them wore a mask they would be safer than if those people around them did not. People who choose not to wear a mask simply because they do not want to are choosing to put themselves above others.

I want to be able to put the pandemic in a history book, and get on with my life just as much as the next person but with people refusing to wear masks I do not see that becoming a reality anytime soon. Stop being selfish, and take the time to think of other people before you walk out of your home without a mask.