What’s Good and Bad?

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Copy Editor

Everyone has their own morales, thoughts and opinions. We all have our own definitions of good and bad. How we decide what is good and bad depends on many stipulations like the the environment we are in and how we were raised.

The final for the English class, Heroic Men and Women, was to create their own hero based off an an ethics statement the student made. A lot of people were stuck on what a hero was and what the true definitions of good and bad were. This was a major debate that we had in newspaper this last week.

In this debate we had a lot of unique perspectives chime in. For example, someone said that majority of people view Iron Man or Captain America as heroes because they save the world from impending doom. However in process of doing that, they destroy a lot of buildings and streets, that is what caused conflict in Captain America: Civil War. People started viewing them as bad peoples because they were destroying things with no consequences.

In my opinion they are superheroes because they saved the world. They may have destroyed a city in order to do it but they did it for the greater good of the world. However, in going into a deeper thinking about it someone brought up the example of the Iranian leader who the United States killed. Many U.S citizens view it as a good thing because it showed the U.S power but obviously Iranian people see us now as an enemy. They see us as the bad guy. Not to mention that we killed a person, in speaking of it in the same terms as before, it was for the greater good. Yet, killing people is bad. So technically it was a bad thing that good people felt they had to do.

Good and bad are relative terms. They are never going to be terms that are clearly black and white. There is grey space where the lines are blurred. Everyone has a different version of good and bad, however they will believe what they chose to believe and there is nothing that we can do to really change that. Society has to be open-minded about accepting other perspectives on the words good and bad, or else we will begin to struggle.