Who should pay on a date?


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

In the social world, which I admit I have limited experience with, there is a stereotype that claims that guys should always pay for dates. But should they? No, it should not always be the guy. Either a couple should split the bill or take turns paying, depending on the situation (if you’re broke, I don’t expect you to pay). In order to find out about my peers’ opinions on the topic, I took to the halls and awkwardly asked people that I found who would talk to me.

Up by the French room, I saw senior Shuda Jarboe, who is known for her strong opinions. “I think it should be evenly split over time,” Jarboe said. “Because, if you’re both able to pay, then you should take turns just because it’s kind of patronizing to have somebody pay for you all the time, as if you can’t pay for yourself.”

Down in the commons, I talked to seniors Caitlin Thede and Becca Gray. They both agreed that the couple should take turns paying. “I think it should be back and forth because you shouldn’t spend all your money,” Thede said. “Just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean you need to spend all your money on them.”

Sitting with them, senior Lizzy Lefler had a slightly altered opinion. “The guy (should pay) because it’s more classy,” she said. “But then again, I always pay because it makes me feel good. I don’t like people spending money on me, so I’ll pay.”

At my next stop, Weiss’ art room, I caught senior Holly Krause. “If he asked me on a date, like a real man, then he’s going to pay for it,” Krause said. “If I asked you on a date, then I would pay for it. Because I asked you on a date.

Also in Weiss’ room, senior Jon Freymark had quite an interesting answer. “Whoever’s from the better social status,” he said. Makes sense honestly. If I’m incredibly poor and on a date with a millionaire, then why would I pay?

Art teacher Daniel Weiss chipped in on the conversation as well. “I always pay. A bunch of us teachers went out a few weeks ago and I took the whole tab.” Even though this hints at Weiss dating the entire teaching staff, it’s nice to know he’s consistent.

Overall, it’s up to the couple. I believe you should take turns or split it, and that seems a common answer, but whatever makes sense in the situation. If the guy is so poor that he’s collecting quarters from the bottom of his coin jar and is paying for your every date, I would suggest you rethink following the stereotype. Essentially, follow Thede’s advice with Freymark’s in mind.