Winter in Johnston

Liliana Santoyo, Staff Writer

As winter approaches, students at the high school differ in how they feel about it. For example, Brandon Ness ‘22 says, “Everything is different than every other season, just everything in nature is more bright and peaceful.” While others like Faith Kreps ‘24 say, “The ice is so scary like it’s really easy to spin out and I’ve been in a car that has spun out, and being at the wheel is especially scary because it’s your responsibility.” These are just two in hundreds of people here that have different opinions about this season. 

Whilst we all have distinct views about winter, there are still numerous reasons why some tend to enjoy it. For instance, the fun activities you can do indoors, like watching movies, wrapping yourself in a blanket, and other things. Kreps says, “The fact that you can stay in and wear comfy clothes and drink hot chocolate is one of my favorite things about winter.” While others like Ben Edmonson ‘24 said, “Being able to see family during the holiday times.” These are just a few reasons why these individuals enjoy being indoors during this season, but there are plenty of reasons why others enjoy it as well.  

Winter is a great way to show the diversity of cultural foods and treats eaten during this time of year. Most families tend to cook meals or simply just have dinner together. During this time of year, I tend to eat tamales or Posole, but many others tend to eat meatloaf like Ness or pie like Gabriela Montero ‘23. They also tend to enjoy treats such as Oreo balls like Kreps or gingerbread cookies like Shayla Tran ‘23. But there are numerous other types of foods and treats that many enjoy during this holiday season as well. 

During Winter some people like Montero enjoy warm blankets or Tran who enjoy, “Going sledding or doing other winter activities.” Even if it is icy cold weather, most people, including me, quite enjoy it, not only because of the fun activities you can do like sledding, building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie near the fireplace, or other activities. But the fact that this season brings so much joy, bringing family and friends together and making them build memories. 

But this season brings new things to try, like the new ice rink located in the Johnston Town Center. It’s open Friday-Sunday and is only $5 for entree. Even though many people do not know about it, it is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. Kreps says, “I think it’s cool and I’d like to go with my friends sometimes even though I hate the cold.” While it is not well known yet, I think it is a great way to spend time with friends or family, to build new memories, and overall have a great time. 

Even though winter brings so many fun activities there are also some terrifying things people face, like driving. Driving is a terrifying thing to do during the winter because you are faced with ice and snow. Ness says, “When I first started driving it was scary, but it’s not anymore.” While Edmonson says, “It could be scary at first but when you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad.” But there are also students like Montero, Tran, and many more, who are driving in the snow for the first time and are terrified of the ice and snow. 

Despite the fact that winter brings many pleasant and unpleasant things, this season brings overall joy to people. For example, many people enjoy winter because of the holidays, spending time with their family and friends, or simply because they enjoy everything they can do in and outdoors during this time of year.