Wonderful health benefits of tea


Natalie Larimer, Online Sub-Editor

When you say “tea,” everybody thinks of the British. Tea, however, is incredibly popular in most countries of the world, and for a reason. Tea has amazing things about it that makes it worth a sip.

Black tea: If you want some caffeine, but don’t want coffee, black tea is where it’s at. To keep you somewhat awake for government class, I strongly recommend a cup (or two). Plus, black tea is super awesome at lowering blood pressure, providing needed antioxidants, and protecting your heart. Bonus: it tastes like liquid happiness.

Green tea: Green tea is also filled with antioxidants, and will also protect against cancer and heart disease. Also, green tea has caffeine as well. It actually works better than coffee because green tea has a special amino acid (L-theanine – if you were interested) that improves brain functions. Definitely a test-taking tea.

Oolong tea: Have dry skin? Don’t despair. Oolong is great for clearing that right up and even helps fight eczema. And if you thought it didn’t get any better than that, you’re wrong. Because oolong tea will strengthen those bones of yours and make them more dense. I know, crazy right? No. Oolong is like a nice warm cup of calcium with some caffeine involved.

White tea: This is what you should drink when you are sick. White tea is antibacterial and antiviral so if you feel the sniffles coming, drink up. White tea is also a great source of caffeine and L-theanine, so being alert and smart is an option here.

Herbal tea: A caffeine free choice that stimulate your senses, hydrate your body, and calm you to the max. Wellness tea helps fight the common cold and flu, making the tea truly awesome. Herbal teas have a wide variety of tastes as well, from chamomile to peppermint to rooibos. Each one of them has different health benefits, from fighting insomnia to chilling out that anxiety of yours.

In short, tea is amazing and y’all should be drinking it. The British know where it’s at.

(Information from theteatalk.com)