XC Postal Nationals 2022


Lily Fleming

Middle school cross country boys wait on the starting line for the first heat to kick off.

Lily Fleming, Copy Editor

On Thursday, cross country runners took to the local track to host the 2022 edition of HOKA Postal Nationals. In a revived tradition from the 1970s, cross country teams all across the nation participate in a series of races compromising five kilometers. Postal Nationals take place between August 23 and October 31 and this year was held September 15. Similar to a football scrimmage, the event was merely composed of Johnston runners.

“The season is going pretty good,” Rohan Devadas ‘23 said. On postal nationals he stated, “It’s a more fun environment, there’s music and stuff and you’re only competing against your own team.”

In the past, competitors have sent in their race times through the mail to see how they rank among other students in the country, hence the “postal nationals” name. Today that’s all digital, but still gives kids the opportunity to get some laps, compete, and enjoy the sport.