Yule Ball themed Winter Formal leads to mixed responses

Students line up to take pictures in the photo booth. They could also use many differents props for the pictures as well.

Kennedy Stone, Staff Writer

Students were able to dance and take photos at the Winter Formal held Jan. 27 in the school cafeteria. The dance started at 8 p.m. and lasted until 11 p.m. “I did not see anything go badly while I was there,” principal Ryan Woods said.

Woods helped student council plan the dance, and served as a dance supervisor. “There were no discipline issues so, from a disciplinary viewpoint, it was a successful dance.”

Opinions about the dance varied between staff and students. “It was fine, but the music wasn’t very good for the most part,” Elizabeth Jones ’20 said. “It wasn’t really danceable, except for when that Miley Cyrus song came on.”

Staff were at the dance to manage tickets and identify the students. “I always enjoy the dances,” English teacher Kristi Miller said. “The promotion was good, and the snacks and music were good.”

Though Miller enjoyed her time at supervising the dance and seeing all the dancing, well-dressed students, she did notice people did not stay for very long.

Overall, the dance was viewed as a success by school officials. “I think the dances are a positive thing for the students,” Woods said. “All the dances are meant to be a social event for the students to get together in a safe environment, so I think this dance was just as successful as any of our dances.”