1/1800 Alec Bauer

From sophomores to seniors, one student was randomly selected to tell their story.
1/1800 Alec Bauer

A fan favorite on the basketball court, senior Alec Bauer’s ambitions go beyond the gym. 

Bauer sees himself writing scripts for movies and television in his future. 

“I am planning to go to the University of Iowa and study writing…my dream job would be writing a script for a movie screenplay kind of thing.” Bauer said.

Bauer’s love for film has grown throughout the years. 

I grew up watching a lot of movies with my dad and I just kind of developed an appreciation for them, especially during COVID when there wasn’t anything else to do. I just watched TV and movies.

— Alec Bauer '24

Bauer is impartial when it comes to the kind of material he writes.

“I don’t really know if I like a certain genre, I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated every genre now, because as a kid it was only like action and comedy,” Bauer continues, “I think it’s the story that matters.”

While excited to study writing, Bauer is open to pursuing other fields as well. 

“It is pretty risky and I have not heard many success stories,” Bauer said.

In addition to taking Reading the Screen, an English course focused on movie production, Bauer is also in Dragon TV, Entrepreneurship, and has taken Introduction to business, highlighting Bauer’s future oriented thinking. 

“Alec is a really great student to have in class. He is friendly, gives good discussion in class and always has unique ideas. When he puts his mind to something, he comes up with some really great stuff.” Business teacher Kate White said.

In addition to academics, Bauer credits basketball for being one of his main motivators. 

“I’ve been playing basketball since about first grade, it has been a long time. It’s fun, it’s fast paced, you know in games like soccer or something you know the score at the end of the game could be one-zero, and I just don’t think that is as fun,” Bauer continues, “I love being apart of the team, especially right now it is a great group of guys. It’s really fun to be around them,” Bauer said. 

While Bauer is not playing basketball in college, he continues to inspire his teammates on and off the court.

On the court he is a very uplifting person when you’re down on yourself. Off the court he’s a great guy to be around.     

— Carter Loney '25


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