404 Students and Staff Under Quarantine


Alexander Ganske teaching from home after being quarantined.

Noah Gilbert, Photo Editor

On Friday October 30, students and staff arrived to the building to the news of 337 students and 33 staff in the district being quarantined in just the first week of the Five Day Week Return to Learn plan.

Following this news, administrators announced a decision of no consumption of food or drinks inside classrooms or in crowded areas. “I just wanted to let you know we are really going to work hard to enforce our no food or drinks in the classroom policy,” Principal Ryan Woods said in an email to students and families. “We just can’t have students removing masks for snacks or drinks, especially now with our full classrooms.”

Students and staff were displeased with this information, It was then later clarified that water is permitted in the  classrooms, consumption is not. Students and staff are to leave classrooms and isolate away from other people before lifting or removing mask to consume their drink.