7 Years

It seems like after seven years we have finally been given a song that’s not about sex or partying on the top of the charts, “7 Years” from Lukas Graham. With lyrics referring to Graham’s past, present and future, the song could potentially be something we all relate to, even though not all of us will have our names up in front of stadiums, we all grow up. An interesting addition to the song, is the faint sound of a projector reel starting up at the beginning of the song then finishing up the song at the very end. The instrumentals are quite simple, with no really big flare besides a straightforward drum part and piano part. To tie into the childhood theme, the piano part sounded lullaby-like adding a whole other element of reminiscence.¬†However my only complaints would have to be the continuous melody in the verses, and chorus if you can even distinguish¬†any part of it as one. Overall Graham deserves a 3.5 out of 5 for the song, giving props to the refreshing lyrics and story line however the flat line melody and instrumentals take the song down from a 4 to a 3.5.