Acceleration Iowa moves down the road

Acceleration Iowa moves down the road

Acceleration Iowa is a speed and strength training program. The Urbandale Acceleration Iowa has now moved locations.

Acceleration director for Urbandale, Nick Wilson believes that space was a huge issue for the initial location in.

“The main reason we moved was because we were literally at max capacity with the space we had.  AI [Acceleration Iowa] couldn’t have more than 22-23 kids per session and Crossfit was limited to 12.  We really waited until we couldn’t fit anymore people before we moved.  That way we knew that we could afford and justify having a bigger space” Wilson said.

The old facility was located right off of 100th street. The new building is just down the road, off of Aurora Ave., but it more than doubled in size.

“We can train many more athletes. We have space for a third treadmill so theoretically AI could have up to 30 kids. Crossfit now has enough room for 20 athletes in a class,” Wilson said.

For junior Michael Siebert, the new place helps with his training because space was such an issue before.

“At the old place it was nice, but space was limited with 20+ people in a room. We didn’t have a lot of space to move around a lot,” Siebert said.

Students can sign up for Acceleration Iowa through the website.

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